Top most common door lock problems every one must know about

No matter which part of the world you live in and what kind of a house you live in, you must have installed door locks at least at a few places of your home and office to ensure safety.  Door locks are in-fact very important and must always be in the right working position. But it often so happens that the lock system of a door may not be working fine and  may need repair. Whether you use a knob locks in Sterling or elsewhere or have security doors, some lock problems may often occur that you must be aware of.  The following are the top most common door lock problems every one must know about:

Door key malfunction

One of the most common door lock related problem that all of us face from time to time is when the door key stops working properly and may be malfunctioned.  The first reaction in such a case is to check whether the right key is being applied but if not, then one must contact a locksmith or a professional lock smith service immediately to get the repair work done. In such a case, the lock may need to be reassembled before repairing it. Sometimes, there may be a problem with the key too, which is either made again or giving a little heating to smoothen its edges.

Sticking door lock

Most house owners use deadbolt locks and one of the most common problems that may arise in such a lock system is that of sticky locks.  This is a problem which may occur due to the regular wear and tear and happens as grime tends to build up.  If you have experienced such a problems, you may needs to get some lubrication done with the lock and this can be done by contacting a locksmith. You can also do it on your own by using graphite powder.

Door lock not getting locked

If your door lock is not getting locked then there may be a problem with the latch and not with the locking mechanism itself.  The problem in such a case mostly is that the door frame’s metal plate may not be going completely in the jamb. This could be because of many reasons like loose screw, moved plate and doors been warped etc.

Key hard to turn

Another common issue that often arises in door locks is that keys may not get turned easily and this will keep you from opening or unlocking the door. In such a case too you will either need to lubricate the lock or call the locksmith to rescue you in such a situation.

If you have been in any such door lock situations then you must always have the number of a professional locksmith. There are more locksmith in your neighborhood but you must be careful before select one. If you wish to avail such services, then you can log on to